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Ready for The Speaker Awards 2024?

5th July 2024 - London, UK


"The Speaker Awards were created to recognise excellence and spotlight the incredible impact speakers are making in the world."

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The Speaker Awards 2024



These are the 9 awards categories

Best Virtual Speaker 2024 

Our judges will be looking for speakers who excel on the virtual stage, delivering engaging talks, skillfully utilising technology, and leaving the online audience with a memorable experience.

Best TEDx Speaker 2024

We focus on the 2023/4 TEDx presentations by the speakers. The judging primarily centres around the originality and significance of the content, as well as the effectiveness in conveying the idea worth spreading.

Best Speaker Showreel 2024 - Sponsored by ShatterMedia

You will be evaluated primarily on how effectively your showreel highlights your expertise and content, considering the visual aspect, technical quality, overall production, and professionalism.

Newcomer of the Year 2024 

This category is designed specifically for newcomer speakers in the year 2023/4. The evaluation will primarily consider how the submitted video showcases your expertise and content, with a focus on your delivery, emotive communication, audience engagement, and connection.

Best Live Speaker 2024 

In this category, we focus on the live speaking event footage submitted by applicants. The evaluation considers your live delivery of content, delivery techniques, energy, emotive communication, audience engagement, and the establishment of a clear connection with the in-person audience.

Speaker of the Year 2024

This category is determined by our panel of judges, who assess the winners and highly commended speakers from all categories in the year 2023/24.

Their entries will be evaluated based on the scores they received for each category they won or were highly commended for.

Best Technology Speaker 2024

This category is created for standout speakers in the technology space—thought leaders, innovators, and educators. Our judges are looking for applications from individuals whose ideas and contributions are shaping the technological landscape.

Best Speaker Storyteller 2024

Our judges will evaluate 5-minute video story submissions, which can be either filmed specifically for the application or from a previous event. You will be assessed on your ability to captivate, evoke emotion, and enthrall your audience as a speaker.

Booker's Choice

These judges will evaluate the bookability of each speaker based on their submissions. You will be assessed on the quality of your showreel, video footage submitted, your stage delivery, and the judges' assessment of how likely it is for you to secure paid speaking engagements.

Positive Impact &
Sustainability 2024

This category is created for standout speakers in the Positive Impact and Sustainability space—thought leaders, innovators, and educators. Our judges are looking for applications from individuals whose ideas and contributions are shaping the future of sustainability. Your evaluation will be based on the relevance and flow of your content, your effective delivery, the authority you bring, and the impact you have on your audiences.

Lifetime Achievement

The recipient of this award is someone who has played a significant role in shaping the landscape of speaking, whether through mentorship, innovation, advocacy, or by establishing new standards of excellence. This award stands as a testament to a lifetime of dedication, influence, and inspirational leadership, honouring an individual who has not only achieved personal milestones but has also uplifted the community of speakers, setting a benchmark for future generations.



The speaker awards 2023


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