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Who can enter?

A: The awards are open to anyone who meets the criteria of the related categories, and are willing to travel to London for the awards on the 5th of July 2024 if they are selected.

(Attendance is mandatory)

How do I enter?

A: It’s very easy. Complete the payment here and fill up your application form. You’ll get an on-screen notification and an email to confirm we’ve received your entry.

What is the entry deadline?

A: Entries close on 21st April 2024.

Can I use any footage?

A: Remember you will be judged on your submission so make sure you submit your best material in the format stipulated for each category.  

If you need support editing your video, our partner Shatter Media has a special offer to support applicants.

Send your enquiry to [email protected]

Is there a cost to enter?

A: Yes. The cost to enter the awards is £40 per category.

Can I enter more than one category?

A: You can enter up to 2 categories, however, you will need to complete, submit and pay for a separate application for each entry. The criteria for the categories will often vary, so you may need to tailor your nomination form according to the category you are entering.

What happens after I submit?

A: Sit back and wait, in the meantime we will:

- Review all submissions against the set criteria (if you’ve missed anything important, we’ll contact you to clarify)

- Send all submissions to the judging panel for assessment

- We will announce the shortlists on the Speaker Awards website and social media channels (Riverside/YouTube/LinkedIn) on the 10th May 2024. 

- We will announce the winners at the awards ceremony 5th July 2024 

How many submissions can be made for the same speaker?

A: No more than 2.

How long should my video be?


Best Live Speaker

3 to 5 minute excerpt (consecutive, not highlights) of your best live speaking event in 2023/24.

Best Virtual Presenter

3 to 5 minute excerpt (consecutive, not highlights) from your performance at an online speaking event in 2023/24.

Best TEDx Speaker

Up to 10 minutes edited highlights of your 2023/24 TED/TEDx talk. Must include start and finish.

Best Showreel

2 to 3 minute. Your complete professional speaker showreel. Must include minimum 60 seconds of you speaking live.

If you need support editing your video, our partner Shatter Media has a special offer to support applicants.

Send your enquiry to [email protected]

Is my submission confidential?

A: Yes. All awards submissions are treated as highly confidential. Only the Speaker Awards team and judging panel will view them.

Can I submit my video at a later date?

A: No, you need to submit your video as part of your application process before the 21st of April.

What format should my video be?

A: MP4. Most digital devices and platforms support MP4, rendering it the most universal video format around.

We prefer an uploaded file and an embedded URL from a video platform like youtube/vimeo to cover any technical issues.

These videos should be identical. 

What happens if I’m shortlisted and I’m unable to attend the ceremony.

A: When you enter the Awards, you commit to attending the Awards Event if you are shortlisted. Please check the date and time carefully.

If you have made the shortlist but can’t attend, please let us know asap. If you are unable to make the event, we will ask you to provide us with contact details of someone who could collect your award on your behalf if you win.

How are judges selected?

A: Judges are selected from a pool of experienced industry partners. Each one is asked to declare any conflict of interest with any entry so that the judging process is carried out fairly.

Why is there an entry fee?

A: The entry fee of £40 is a low barrier to entry to ensure quality applications. It goes towards the cost of administering the Speaker Awards. No judges or admins are paid for their work.

How are the winners determined?

A: Each of the judges ranks the entries in each category, and the six entries with the most votes will be shortlisted. The judges will pick the winners of each category from the shortlist. If there is only 1 entry for a category, then judges will be asked to recommend whether any award should be made or not.

Is the gala dinner mandatory?

A: It is only mandatory for shortlisted speakers as per our

Terms & Conditions

Are the awards for international or just UK-based speakers?

A: The Speaker Awards are open to speakers from every country and nationality. However All applicants must be willing to Travel to the UK or send a representative to receive their Award At the Awards Ceremony on the 5th of July if you are shortlisted for an Award. This is at your own cost.

Why the Speaker Awards?

A: The Speaker Awards celebrate the work of Speakers who have impacted their industry and/or market by sharing their knowledge, experience, and expertise through speaking.

We decided it was time to celebrate an industry that has supported and helped millions of people, and which often is underestimated.

We are doing this because we want to help shine the light on the incredible work a lot of speakers are doing out there; recognise it and award it.

We have put together a brilliant line-up of judges who will cast their vote on who should be a leading speaker in their category.

How will winning an award help my business?

A: Winning awards from credible third parties can go a long way in solidifying your reputation as a trustworthy brand that delivers.

- Award-winning businesses are consistently seen as more reputable and honest, even if consumers aren’t consciously aware of this perception. This is why award-winning businesses frequently highlight certifications as much as possible.

- Winning business awards can help boost your company’s profile. This increased awareness doesn’t apply just to customers. You may also receive more attention from suppliers, vendors, and investors — many of whom survey articles and award ceremonies for potential business partners.

- When you become an award-winning business, you may be able to charge more for your products and services — and justify doing so.

If you win an award once, you will feel more confident to enter more and spread the word of your business achievements.

What will I receive if I win?

A: You will receive a physical award at the ceremony and we will be promoting the winners on social media after the event.

Will I receive feedback on my entry?

A: No, feedback is not given on entries. However, you can reach out to Speaker Express to book a call regarding your speaking challenges here –

[email protected]

What do I get out of being shortlisted?

A: Apart from attending to the gala dinner, here are some more benefits:

- Not only does it make you feel proud, but it also helps you figure out what you do well and why so that you can carry on doing it and use it to shape your speaking career for the better.

- It’s also a huge learning curve. Whether you win or not, you should always ask for feedback so you can do more of what is good and introduce changes to make it even better.

Although feedback is not given on submissions, you can speak to the judges and engage with other shortlisted speakers at the gala dinner.

Additionally, you can reach out to speaker express to book a call regarding your speaking challenges here - [email protected]

- Collaborate with others in a similar position to share advice, expertise and thoughts to help each other succeed.

Who will be at the awards?

A: Shortlisted speakers, the judges, organisers, sponsors and their guests.

Do the awards embrace intersectionality?

A: Yes. Minorities and LGBT+; older and caregiver; younger and trans; female and disabled speakers can enter the awards. Diversity and Inclusion are at the forefront of the Speaker Awards. Our judging criteria will cater for this.

Can I get a refund if I can’t attend, or I don’t get the video in?

A: No, applications are not refundable.

What support is available to me?

A: The team organising the event is at your complete disposal should you have any questions or requirements. Feel free to drop us a line at [email protected]